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World Roshar
Universe Cosmere
Featured In The Stormlight Archive

Thank you, Uscritic one, for your leave to go into my own bedroom. Have you been drinking salt?

Uscri is a character from a tragic Rosharan poem written around seventeen hundred years before 1174.[1]

In the poem, after hearing that her lover had died, she drowned herself in the sea, although in reality he still lived and she had misunderstood the report.[1] In the following centuries, she was used as an example of acting without information, although over time it came to mean stupid. By modern times, it had become a rather obscure literally reference.

In 1174, Taravangian insulted Mrall by calling him Uscritic. The obscurity of the reference caused Adrotagia to realize that Taravangian had intentionally misrepresented his intelligence on that morning's test, so they would not place restrictions on him.


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