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Titles Highprince of Jah Keved
Residence Vedenar
Nationality Veden
Homeworld Roshar
Universe Cosmere

Nan Urian is a Veden Highprince.[1]

Appearance and Personality[edit]

He is tall and has short black hair. He is described as "prim" and wears a military uniform similar in style to those of the Alethi. Urian uses the Veden honorific "Nan" and is therefore the firstborn in his family, and he seems to be more vocal than his younger brother.[1]

Attributes and Abilities[edit]

He has some knowledge of military strategy, and he speaks Alethi.[1]


Urian and his brother are among the many new Highprinces in Jah Keved that are appointed by King Taravangian after the previous nobility was wiped out during the Veden War of Succession.[1][2] Urian's predecessor was poisoned.[1] Dalinar first meets Urian during his brief visit to survey the damage in Vedenar.[1]

The brothers attend a war council in the Gallery of Maps in Urithiru with Taravangian and other leaders of Dalinar's coalition. Urian petitions the council to protect a strip of Veden land to the east of the Horneater Peaks that Aladar was ready to cede to the singer army. Urian argues that the land has strategic value since it is fertile and protected from highstorms, and it can be used as a base to recruit Horneater troops. He also says that it would serve as a staging area for further attacks on Jah Keved were it to fall into enemy hands, and that defending the area will give the rest of the nation needed time to recover. Dalinar has previously fought battles in the region, and agrees with Urian's assessment.[1]

Dalinar soon realizes that Thaylen City is actually the likely target of Odium's forces. When he asks if any nations have ships available to head off the enemy fleet, one of the Veden highprinces (presumably Urian) mentions that Taravangian has a number of ships in Vedenar. He cautions that Jah Keved lost hundreds of sailors during the civil war, and may not have enough crew remaining to sail all of the available ships.[1]


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