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God Beyond

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God Beyond
Worlds Sel, Scadrial, Threnody
Featured In The Emperor's Soul, Mistborn Era 2, Shadows for Silence
She was a woman. Good at lying, they are. The God Beyond made'm that way.

The God Beyond or the Unknown God was a god that was worshipped on multiple Shardworlds.[1][2][3]

On Scadrial, Wayne mentions the God Beyond in passing.[1]

On Roshar, Hoid refers to the God Beyond in a parable while talking with Shallan.[4]

On Sel, it was referred to as the Unknown God by the MaiPon, although this is indeed the same as the God Beyond.[2] Wan ShaiLu prays to the unknown god[5], and her people related it to the rocks that fell from the sky.[6] Additionally, in a scene from the perspective of Hoid at the back of the Elantris Tenth Anniversary Edition, Hoid refers to the God Beyond in passing. It is unknown what relationship the God Beyond has to Adonalsium.

On Threnody, Silence Montane and her daughter William Ann, swore to the God Beyond.[3]


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