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Professions Diem.jpg
Leader Lord Mastrell Kenton
Headquarters The Diem
World of Origin Taldain
Universe Cosmere
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The Diem refers to both the Profession of sand masters, known formally as the Diem of the Sand, and the building used as their headquarters. The Diem of the Sand is one of the eight recognized Lossandin Professions. The Kerztian word for sand master is Ry'Kensha. It is led by the Lord Mastrell. The current Lord Mastrell is Kenton.


This building has always been an enigma. Older than the sand masters, formed of a single block of white sandstone that can never be worn down.


The Diem of the Sand is headquartered in a building also known as the Diem. The building itself predates the existence of the sand masters. It is made of a single block of white sandstone that is thought to be eternal and everlasting.[1]

The Diem is located on the outskirts of Kezare. It includes housing for all members of the guild. With no stairs, the upper levels were only accessible by use of sand mastery until Lord Mastrell Kenton's order that ladders be set up.[2]

Guild recruitment[edit]

Lossandin children who wish to gain entry into the Diem of the Sand and become sand masters are subjected to a demanding entrance exam. Those who display any talent at all are entitled by law to enter the guild with the rank of acolent, although those of very weak talent are discouraged from entering. Once a student is accepted as an acolent, they are trained in the ways of sand mastery until they are deemed worthy for advancement into one of the seven permanent sand master ranks by the Lord Mastrell. It takes approximately four years for a child to graduate into the permanent ranks, although it may take longer for those who are weak or who refuse the initial advancement.[3]


The sand masters maintain a strict hierarchy of ranks. All sand masters wear a colored sash at their waist indicating their rank. Ranks are permanent upon advancement from acolent. The sole criteria for advancement is one's ability in sand mastery, typically categorized by how many ribbons they can control.[4] The Lord Mastrell, himself a mastrell, leads the Diem and serves as Taisha for the Sand Profession. Recruits seeking acceptance into the Diem wear brown robes and sashes.[4]

Diem Ranks
Title Sash Color Ribbons required
Recruit Brown Robes
Acolent White Bond
Underfen Gray 1
Fen Green 2-5
Diemfen Blue 4-7
Underlestrell Purple 6-10
Lestrell Red 9-12
Undermastrell Orange 11-14
Mastrell Gold 15 or greater
Lord Mastrell Gold Election

The Diem's Future[edit]

The Diem is not well liked here. It is in debt and, from what I have seen, you will have a difficult time bringing the other sand masters to heel.

—Lady Heelis to Kenton[5]

Public opinion of the Diem is currently very poor. The sand masters are known for being prideful and arrogant. The Diem has also taken on a significant amount of debt while producing little of value for society in quite some time. These complaints have led the Taishin to vote in favor of permanently disbanding the Diem's official status in Lossand. The vote was declared void and delayed for two weeks as Kenton, the acting Lord Mastrell, was not properly informed beforehand.

Notable Members[edit]

  • Kenton: Current Lord Mastrell
  • Praxton: Lord Mastrell before Kenton
  • Drile: Undermastrell
  • Elorin: Undermastrell who betrayed the Diem
  • Dirin: Undermastrell, Kenton's Friend


  • The word "diem" means "day" in Latin.
  • The Diem at one stage noticed and began investigating the presence of Hoid.[6]


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