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Profession Scribe
Groups Sons of Honor
Residence The Alethi warcamps
Nationality Alethi
World Roshar
Universe Cosmere
Featured In The Stormlight Archive

Ulina is a member of the Sons of Honor on Roshar. She is also a member of Ialai Sadeas's inner circle.[1]


Ulina was once an unimportant lighteyed scribe. During the True Desolation, she joined Ialai Sadeas in her bid to seize power in the Alethi warcamps on the Shattered Plains after many of the residents left for Urithiru. Through Ialai, she became a member of the Sons of Honor. Ialai, who had become quite reclusive, often used Ulima to do tasks that she didn't wish to do herself.[1]

In 1175, Ulina was involved in recruiting "Chanasha Hasareh" for the Sons of Honor, who was actually Shallan in disguise.[1] Ulina and some fellow co-conspirators drugged Shallan and brought her to Ialai.[2][3] After Ialai's death, Ulina and the rest of the remaining Sons of Honor were gagged and apprehended by Adolin and his team of soldiers.[4]


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