UTol system

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UTol system
Shards none
Notable Planet(s) UTol, Komashi
Universe Cosmere

The UTol system is the planetary system that contains the planets UTol and Komashi, which form a binary system orbiting their sun.[1] The sun itself is distinctly red-orange in color. It is larger than Roshar's sun, and comparatively closer to its inhabited planets as well.[2]

Virtuosity Splintered herself in the vicinity of the UTol system, leaving Splinters on Komashi and perhaps elsewhere.[3]

The Iron Seven Waystation may also be located in the vicinity of this planetary system.[1]

After fleeing Canticle, Zellion likely skips to the UTol System, specifically the planet UTol.[4]


UTol is a world dominated by oceans, with very few land masses. It is inhabited by Sho Del.[5]
Komashi is the home of the Torish and Nagadan people, as well as the hijo which make life on the planet possible. The invention of a certain machine caused the entire planet to be engulfed by a black shroud and produced the world's hion lines. The machine was destroyed centuries later by Yumi, which also caused the dissipation of the shroud.[1]


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