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Species Alkatrazian Dragon
Residence Nalhalla
World Earth (Alcatraz)
Featured In Alcatraz Versus the Evil Librarians

Three hundred years, three hundred years before they will return my wings so that I may fly again.


Tzoctinatin is a Dragon living in Nalhalla.[1]

Appearance and Personality[edit]

Tzoctinatin is a large scaly creature. He resents his sentence but does not speak much. His eyes have a deep vastness to them, with many colors and folds.[1]

Due to his sentence he has had his wings clipped and travels around by climbing buildings instead of flying.[1]

He carries a box on his back for passengers made from Orientation Glass which makes the occupants' gravity oriented in the same direction, towards the dragon's feet, at all times. It is well furnished and has comfortable couches.[1]


He was charged with first-degree maiden munching, had his wings clipped, and was sentenced to taxi service for 700 years.[1][2]

When he gave Alcatraz and his grandfather a ride he had 300 years of his sentence remaining.[1]


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