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Rysn by Marie Seeberger.jpg
Type Plant
Owner Rysn
World Roshar
Universe Cosmere
Featured In The Stormlight Archive

Rysn liked to pretend that her pot of Shin grass was not stupid, but merely contemplative.

—Rysn's thoughts on Tyvnk[1]

Tyvnk is Rysn's 'pet' Shin grass on Roshar.


Five months into her apprenticeship under her babsk, Vstim, Rysn accompanied him on a trip to Shinovar. She noted several features of the local flora that seemed odd to her, particularly the grass. She considered it too thick and messy-looking, and she also thought it was dull because it was not "smart" enough to retract due to movement or highstorms. Vstim noticed that Shinovar seemed to discomfort Rysn, and he talked to her about the distinction between "odd" and simply different. He gave her a small pot and ordered her to take a cutting of the grass and care for it in order to help her make her a better merchant.[2]

You're going to learn to care for that plant. I want you to keep it with you until you stop thinking of it as odd.

—Vstim, to Rysn[2]

Rysn was initially confused by Vstim's request, but obliged without questioning him. By the following year, Rysn had realized that Vstim was right about the Shin and his trade with them had been very profitable. She named the grass Tyvnk because it meant 'sullen' in Thaylen, prompting a laugh from Vstim; he understood that she was using the grass as a proxy for her own feelings about being wrong. Although Rysn still thought of the grass itself as dumb, she brought it with her everywhere she went, including her fateful visit to Relu-na in the Reshi Sea.[1] The grass remained in her possession during her time at the Thaylen Gemstone Reserve[3] and after her expedition to Akinah.[4]

After Rysn received Chiri-Chiri, the larkin displayed a notable affinity for the grass. Chiri-Chiri loves that the grass smells very alive.[4] When she was small, she slept among the blades of grass.[3] As she grew, she was still comforted by the grass, but she no longer fit in the pot.[4] Although Rysn gave her a nice box to sleep in, Chiri-Chiri still liked to curl up near the grass on occasion.[4][5]


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