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Two Cups
Type Ship
Captain Tress
World of Origin Lumar
Universe Cosmere
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The Two Cups is a merchant vessel on the planet Lumar captained by Tress. It sails with the crew who formerly manned the Crow's Song, as well as Salay's father and Charlie, following their victory against the Sorceress, Riina.[1]


The Two Cups is an important and exceptional merchant ship that sails on the Verdant, Crimson and Midnight Seas, and possibly others, on the planet Lumar. It is a new ship, purchased by Tress and crew to replace the Crow's Song and give them a fresh start. It boasts at least 4 masts and contains multiple cabins, including enough room for a Sprouter, Doctor, Helmswoman or Helmsman, Captain and additional rooms to spare for family or guests. Like most ships its size, it likely has an upper deck, middle deck, lower deck and hold.[2][1]


Following Tress's victory against Riina, the crew of the Crow's Song traveled back across the Midnight, Crimson and Verdant seas to return to the Verdant King. Having succeeded in removing the threat of the Sorceress, the King granted them full pardons and exclusive trade rights through the Crimson and Midnight Seas. Following this, the crew of the Crow's Song decided to sell the ship, and purchased the Two Cups.[1]

The crew and captain promptly sailed back to Diggen's Point and presented their writ, detailing the importance of the vessel, along with a new decree from the king, allowing anyone to leave Diggen's Point whenever they wanted; though doing so would forfeit a new large stipend, rewarded for 20 years of service on the island.[1]

The ship departed with Tress, her crew, and her family shortly after arriving on the Rock and taking on supplies and having a short stint of shore leave.[1]

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