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Turinad Sebarial

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Turinad Sebarial
Sebarial takama.jpg
Ancestors Sadees[1]
Titles Highprince of Alethkar, Highprince of Commerce
Groups Sebarial army
Residence Urithiru
Nationality Alethi
World Roshar
Universe Cosmere
Featured In The Stormlight Archive
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I hate them. But I try to hate everyone. That way, I don't risk leaving out anyone particularly deserving.

— Sebarial to Shallan Davar[2]

Highprince Turinad[3] Sebarial is a highprince of Alethkar on Roshar.

His princedom lies in southern Alethkar[4] and his warcamp at the Shattered Plains is the southernmost, approximately an hour from Dalinar's via carriage.[5] He was maneuvered into hosting Shallan Davar once she arrived on the Shattered Plains.[6] Palona, his Herdazian mistress, calls him "Turi." And also sometimes "the idiot.".[2]

Sebarial was one of the three highprinces to accompany Dalinar out onto the Shattered Plains.[7] Though he does not partake in the fighting, he helps organize the army as they move towards the Oathgate. [8]

Appearance and Personality

Sebarial is described as plump and bearded. He is outwardly a very obnoxious, rude, and vulgar man, and comes across as a fool, though he is actually quite intelligent, and very sly. He avoids publicly showing his interest in the Alethi politics, but privately he is seen to pay some attention.[6]

Though Sebarial himself does not seem very religious, his ardents are very devout.[9] Likewise, though he himself is useless in battle, Sebarial's soldiers are well trained. Sebarial's genius is that he knows how to hire the right people for a job.[10]

Warcamp and Economics

Sebarial's banner bears the glyphs sebes and laial, which are stylized into a golden sky eel on a black field.[2]


Sebarial is very proud of his camp. The buildings are constructed up against one another for shared support, with rounded roofs, corners, and sides to better repel winds from the highstorms.[2] The camp contains markets and fully constructed tenements, and farmers have begun to set up lavis fields on the hills in the southwest of camp.[5] The camp smells of leather, spice and industry, and sometimes livestock.[11] Kaladin describes his warcamp as being more like a city than any of the others.[5]

Little Herdaz is located within Sebarial's warcamp.[12]


Sebarial has the most tailors, cooks, and artisans of all ten warcamps, and he has control over the glassblowers. Sebarial has all but stopped participating in plateau runs, barely sending his armies for one per month, as his industries are netting more money than he would from gathering gemhearts.[2]


Shallan describes the manor as modest. Not enormous, the building is of a refined classical design, making use of pillars along the front, and a taller row of buildings in the back as a wind break. The grounds are filled with ornamental shalebark, a flagstone drive, and some trees.

Indoors, the manor contains much marble and crystal. There are statues trimmed with gold and a staircase leading to a balcony on the second floor that overlooks the entrance hall. The east wing of the manor contains white rooms richly furnished, with silk hangings and thick rugs softening the walls and floor. The beds are luxurious, as well.[2]


Bah! Woman, you make me the most henpecked man in all of Alethkar, and I'm not even storming married!

— Sebarial to Palona[2]

I've got a feeling about you, Dalinar old man. I think it's wise to stay close to you. Something's going to happen out there on the Plains, and opportunity rises like the dawn.

— Sebarial to Dalinar[7]

Onward, then! To glory and some such nonsense. If we find riches, remember that I get my part! I got here before Aladar. That has to count for something.

— Sebarial to Dalinar, Roion, and Amaram[7]

Trust a coward to know the smartest way to stay out of fighting.

— Sebarial about Roion.[13]


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