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Rock and Song by Eccos.jpg
Lunamor's family
Spouse Lunamor
Children Gift, Cord, Rock, Star, Kuma'tiki, Beautiful Song
Aliases Tuaka, Song
Residence The Horneater Peaks
Nationality Unkalaki
Homeworld Roshar
Universe Cosmere
First Appeared Oathbringer

Tuaka'li'na'calmi'nor, shortened to Tuaka or simply Song, is Lunamor's wife. She has a round face and wears her deep red hair in a braid.[1]


Tuaka and Lunamor have known each other since childhood, when they built snow forts in the Horneater Peaks; according to Lunamor, hers were always the best. At some point before Lunamor left to Alethkar they married and had six children. After Lunamor's eldest brother, Kef'ha, died in combat against Highprince Torol Sadeas, Rock sent a terse letter to his wife explaining their failure.[1] He sent additional letters after gaining his freedom in Tanat 1173, requesting that Tuaka move the family to the Shattered Plains.[2]

Tuaka arrived at the Shattered Plains with her family in Jes 1174 after traveling for months to meet with Lunamor. While in Alethkar she wore a glove on her safehand to respect Vorin custom. Tuaka's caravan was attacked by Voidbringers and her family defended themselves behind a pile of furniture. During the attack a member of her family--likely Tuaka herself--shot a Voidbringer with an Unkalaki arrow. They were found by Bridge Four during a patrol and taken to Urithiru. Kaladin insisted that they take his rooms until he could get family quarters for the members of Bridge Four.[1]

When Tuaka was reunited with Lunamor she was worried about not having heard from him in such a long time, and knew little of what happened since Rock he became Sadeas's slave. She was surprised to learn that he is now a chef, with all of his brothers dead, but Lunamor insisted that she not press the subject. She also brought news of troubles at the Horneater Peaks, which she only felt comfortable discussing in private.[1]

Shortly after the evacuation of the residents of Hearthstone, Tuaka traveled back to the Peaks with most of her family, leaving Cord and Gift behind.[3]


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