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Type Grain
World Roshar
Universe Cosmere
Featured In The Stormlight Archive

Treb is a plant cultivated as a crop on Roshar. It is a vine that grows clusters of hard pods which contain grain.[1]


The farmers of Yeddaw plant treb in slits in the stone that are about a foot wide. The limited space causes the vines to grow densely, anchoring the plant inside the crack. The pods that grow from the vines also become wedged in so they do not get washed away by flooding or blown away by highstorms.[1]

Unlike most Rosharan crops—such as lavis, tallew, and clema—treb is relatively low maintenance.[2] Its resistance to flooding allows it to be planted during the Weeping, when other crops are washed away before the seeds can germinate.[2] The culinary uses of treb are not known, but it is likely a less-desirable grain; farmers make more profit with other crops even though treb is easier to grow.[2]


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