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Realmatic Theory was first used in Dragonsteel, Brandon’s second book set in the cosmere.[1] The opening chapters include someone learning about the three Realms in a classroom.[2] As Brandon wrote more cosmere books, he noticed patterns in the themes. He began to create a common energy source for the magic systems to use. Linking the books and creating the cosmere grew naturally from those themes and connections.[1] Within the currently published cosmere, the term Realmatic Theory has only been used once, by the Ire.[3] Khriss has used the phrase "Realmatic Transition" in the Words of Radiance Ars Arcanum to describe the Surge of Transportation.[4] She also used the phrase "Realmic transition" once in the essay on the Taldain system to describe how sand mastery works.[5] The difference, if any, between these two terms is as yet unknown.