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The inspiration for Realmatic Theory comes from a number of real-world philosophies. Those philosophies include Plato’s theory of the forms, Shinto beliefs,[1], and Spinoza. Plato’s theory of forms is the original concept for the Realms. The theory of forms states that the physical world is merely an imitation of the ideal essences of all things. This true ideal matches up with the Spiritual Realm, and the human perception of ideals matches up with the Cognitive Realm.[2] While Plato’s philosophy only includes two forms, Brandon uses three. The idea that everything has a spren comes from Shinto beliefs.[3] Spinoza’s influence is in God being in everything and everything being made of one substance. Brandon’s interpretation of this is the Shards’ Investiture permeating everything in the cosmere. Other, more minor influences include Jung in the concept of Connection,[2] idealism,[4], and the ship of Theseus thought experiment.[5] The large number of philosophical influences on Realmatic Theory and the cosmere is because Brandon finds philosophy interesting. He took many philosophy classes in college.[4]