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All things exist in three realms, Dalinar. The Physical: what you are now. The Cognitive: what you see yourself as being. The Spiritual: the perfect you, the person beyond pain, and error, and uncertainty.

Physical Realm

Of the three Realms, the Physical Realm is the most readily understood as it behaves in much the same way that our universe does.[2] It is the natural world as we experience it with our senses, consisting of space and time and adhering to empirical scientific law.[3] Unlike the Cognitive Realm, the Physical Realm is a three-dimensional plane.[4] The two Realms are not mapped perfectly to each other for this reason.[5] The cosmere is a single star cluster within the Physical Realm consisting of between fifty and one hundred stars,[6] though at least one person has tried to travel beyond that.[7] Travel between planets within the cluster can be achieved without using either of the other Realms through purely Physical FTL travel.[8]