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Men—all things, truly—are like a ray of light. The floor is the Physical Realm, where that light pools. The sun is the Spiritual Realm, where it begins. This Realm, the Cognitive Realm, is the space between where that beam stretches.

While the Shards of Adonalsium exist primarily in the Spiritual Realm,[2] their immense power has notable effects on all three of the Realms. Perhaps most significantly, Realmatic interactions between a Shard and a planet are what define the structure of any Invested Arts associated with that Shard on that planet.[3] Shards can consciously make some changes to this structure,[4][5] but the extent to which they can interfere is limited.[6] If a Shard used their power to create the planet in the first place (as Preservation and Ruin did with Scadrial), they will be able to exercise more control.[7]