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In general, perpendicularities are created by the presence of a Shard on the planet. The concentration of so much Investiture on the Cognitive and Physical Realms creates points of ... friction, where a kind of tunneling exists. At these points, Physical matter, Cognitive thought, and Spiritual essence become one—and a being can slide between Realms.

Under certain circumstances, the Realms will bend to the point where they are no longer separate and are instead connected by a perpendicularity. The most common cause of a perpendicularity is a high concentration of Investiture in either the Physical or Cognitive Realms—though this is harder to achieve in the Cognitive Realm—but other methods work as well.[2][1][3] Because they are built out of Investiture, a perpendicularity would likely collapse if Nightblood were wielded in its vicinity for a significant period of time.[4]