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Giving water to the tiny plant causes a chain reaction of sudden growth, energy, and Realmic transition. Certain people can control this reaction, using the water from their own bodies to forge a brief cognitive bond. They can draw Investiture (in very small amounts) directly from the Spiritual Realm, and use that to control the sand.

Khriss's assessment of Dayside's magic system, sand mastery.[1]

In addition to having ordinary mass and energy, the cosmere also has a magical power known as Investiture. Investiture is closely tied to the Spiritual Realm,[2][3] which holds a vast reserve of Investiture,[4] but ultimately transcends the divisions between the three Realms.[2] Over time, Investiture will cycle between the Realms,[4][5] but ultimately returns to the Spiritual Realm.[6][7] Like matter and energy, high concentrations of Investiture curve space, but it primarily affects the geometry of the Realms and brings them closer together rather than creating ordinary gravitational effects. At a certain point, this effect will cause a perpendicularity to form.[8][9]