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Sentient Awakened Entities in an Inorganic Host: Also known as Type IV BioChromatic Entities. The only known entities of this kind are Nightblood and Vivenna's Blade, though much less is known about the latter. Nightblood is a sentient sword made using one thousand Breaths and the command to destroy evil. Nightblood will bond with anyone they wish to communicate with, and is able to read and speak with minds directly.[1] Distance appears to be a factor, but this may be a limitation of the mind of Nightblood and not their ability. While idle, Nightblood reaches out to other people, tempting them to draw the blade. "Pure" people who cannot be tempted would feel great nausea, even induce vomiting. Anyone who is able to wield Nightblood and survive bonds with the blade to a greater degree and is no longer repelled by or abnormally drawn to use it.[2] Those unable to control Nightblood are become controlled themselves, leading to them using Nightblood to kill everyone around them and allowing Nightblood to absorb the Investiture from the victims including the spark of life (i.e. the soul).[3][4] This bond may grant additional powers on Roshar.[5]