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Ethnicity Daysider
World Taldain
Universe Cosmere
Featured In White Sand

Torkel is a Daysider from Taldain and a former advisor to Lord Merchant Vey.[1]


Torkel worked as an advisor to Vey, a powerful member of the Taishin. Torkel and his family went missing in a boating accident about a year ago and were presumed dead. The accident had a high profile, as both Ais and one of her trackts remember Torkel's name.[1]

Ais and some other trackts discover Torkel alive in a hidden closet after apprehending Lokmlen in Kezare. The corpses of his family members are also in the closet, and Torkel is suicidal and in very poor health. He tells Ais that he and his family were imprisoned by Sharezan after he tried to back out of a secret deal, likely related to his access to Vey.[1]


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