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Died Nanishi 1174[1][2]
Profession Security guard
Residence Thaylen City
Nationality Thaylen
World Roshar
Universe Cosmere
Featured In The Stormlight Archive

Tlik is a guard at the Thaylen Gemstone Reserve in Thaylen City on Roshar.[1]

Appearance and Personality[edit]

Tlik seemed friendly with Rysn, presumably since she entered the vault often to perform accounting work. He chuckled when he saw that Chiri-Chiri had sneaked into the vault, and joked that the many spheres in the vault must seem like a buffet to a larkin.[1]


Tlik was stationed inside the Reserve's Sphere Vault on the day of the Battle of Thaylen Field. He guarded the inner door, and was armed with a crossbow to prevent entry. He allowed Rysn and Vstim to enter using a passcode, accompanied by a member of the Queen's Guard.[1]

He followed them in and helped transfer Rysn from her wheelchair to a smaller palanquin-style chair, which he and the queen's guard carried deeper into the vault. After Vstim opened a vault containing the King's Drop, the queen's guard suddenly killed Tlik in cold blood by stabbing him in the neck before taking the gemstone. Another guard, Fladm, attempted to shoot the thief, who returned fire with Tlik's crossbow. Tlik's murderer was revealed to be one of the Fused using an illusory technique that was likely similar to Lightweaving.[1]


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