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Died 1174, killed by Nale
Residence Yeddaw
Nationality Tashikki
Homeworld Roshar
Universe Cosmere

Tiqqa is an urchin girl in Yeddaw on Roshar.

Appearance and Personality[edit]

She is around fifteen years old, and her name implies that she is native to Tashikk.[1][2] She is well-known to other urchins, who place bets on how long it will take her to escape when someone notices her stealing.[1]


She was at a street market in Yeddaw when Lift was following Nale, and she stole a basket of fruit from a stall. She was noticed by the shopkeeper and unfortunately ran directly towards Nale, who easily apprehended her. She panicked and drew a small knife, but Nale easily disarmed her and then immediately executed her in full public view by ramming his Shardblade through her chest.[1] The shopkeeper and other onlookers were horrified, but Nale explained that death was the prescribed punishment for assaulting an officer with a bladed weapon, and that any lesser penalty would have led to future crime.[1]

Her name was Tiqqa. I will remember you, Tiqqa. Because few others will.

Lift's thoughts after witnessing Tiqqa's execution[1]

After Nale left, Lift attempted to use her Surgebinding abilities to heal Tiqqa and briefly thought it was working. A luminous figure appeared around Tiqqa, but it began vibrating and disappeared, and she could not be revived. Wyndle told Lift that Tiqqa had been dead for too long for Lift to help her, and that Shardblade wounds were particularly difficult to heal unless they were attended to immediately by a powerful Surgebinder.[1] Lift said she would remember Tiqqa, and angrily resumed her pursuit of Nale.[1]


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