Tightendow Prime

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Tightendow Prime
Nation High Empire

Tightendow Prime is a planet in the High Empire.[1]

It is an important planet, near the core of the empire, and is home to an imperial fleet. By the end of the Reunification War, however, the empire's forces were stretched thin, as they had been pushing outward to hold their newly re-expanded borders. As a result, Tightendow Prime was one of the ten locations Varion Crestmar attacked in his rebellion against the empire.[1]

In the empire's command center, Dennison Crestmar correctly realized that Varion had taken the empire's eastern fighter flank at Tightendow Prime based only on a glance at the display screen of the battle a few minutes earlier and hearing the admiral directing that battle curse. This and other demonstrations of his knowledge of Varion's tactics convinced the High Emperor to allow Dennison to transmit fake reports of the battles to Varion through a bug in Varion's klage transmitter.[1]


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