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Relatives Kef'ha, Lunamor, Sinaku'a
Died ?[1]
Nationality Unkalaki
World Roshar
Universe Cosmere
Featured In The Stormlight Archive

Tifi is an Unkalaki on Roshar related to Kef'ha and Lunamor.[1]

Based on Unkalaki cultural traditions, Tifi was presumably related to his nuatoma Kef'ha.[2] Tifi and Lunamor were both part of a family group that traveled to the Shattered Plains as part of Kef'ha's quest to win Shardplate from Torol Sadeas.[2] However, Sadeas murdered Kef'ha without a proper duel. Lunamor stated that Tifi and Sinaku'a were among those killed after raising weapons in vengeance, likely after Sadeas seized Kef'ha's property and turned his family into servants.[1]

When Tuaka was reunited with Lunamor, she asked after Sinaku'a and Tifi. Her reaction implied that they were Lunamor's older siblings and that their death meant that he had gained elevated status, possibly becoming nuatoma himself. However, Lunamor did not wish to discuss the matter, and Tifi's identity was left ambiguous.[1]


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