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Theron ran a thieving crew in Luthadel during the last days of the Final Empire.

Theron spent five years,[1] thousands of boxings, and countless personnel setting up a fake canal convoy into Luthadel as part of a confidence trick that would have scammed the Steel Ministry for a great deal of money. By expending these resources, Theron weakened his crew to the point that Camon, who Theron had brought in on the job, felt confident that he could betray Theron and without fearing any retribution.[2]

Theron kept a minor obligator along the canal route into Luthadel on his payroll as an informant.[3] This informant was responsible for successfully planting Marsh among a group of Steel Ministry acolytes.[4]

Eventually, Steel Inquisitors hunting for Vin discovered Theron's crew. They massacred the crew in a manner similar to the massacre of Camon's crew, leaving no survivors.[5]


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