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It has been theorized that the faces on the arches at each of the epigraphs is a Herald (or Hoid), and that each face tells us something about the chapter that is about to be read.

Here is a table that has these faces and the names and the matching characteristics.[1]

Chapter Chapter Title Symbol Herald Herald
Prologue To Kill Szeth Jezrien Jezrien
1 Stormblessed Kaladin Talenelat Talenelat
2 Honor is Dead Kaladin Vedel Vedel
3 City of Bells Shadesmar Shalash Shalash
4 The Shattered Plains Kaladin Talenel Talenel
5 Heretic Shadesmar Pailiah Pailiah
6 Bridge Four Kaladin Talenel Talenel
7 Anything Reasonable Shadesmar Ishar Ishar
8 Nearer the Flame Shadesmar Pailiah Pailiah
9 Damnation Kaladin Nale Nale
10 Stories of Surgeons Kaladin Flashback Vedel Vedel
11 Droplets Kaladin Jezrien Jezrien
I-1 Ishikk Almighty Hoid Hoid
I-2 Nan Balat Almighty Kalak Kalak
I-3 The Glory of Ignorance Szeth Shalash Shalash
12 Unity Dalinar Hoid Jezrien
13 Ten Heartbeats Dalinar Jezrien Chanarach
14 Payday Kaladin Kalak Jezrien
15 The Decoy Dalinar Chanarach Jezrien
16 Cocoons Kaladin Flashback Talenel Vedel
17 A Bloody, Red Sunset Kaladin Vedel Talenel
18 Highprince of War Dalinar Battar Battar
19 Starfalls Dalinar Vedel Jezrien
20 Scarlet Kaladin Flashback Vedel Vedel
21 Why Men Lie Kaladin Vedel Talenel
22 Eyes, Hands, or Spheres? Dalinar Hoid Kalak
23 Many Uses Kaladin Ishar Vedel
24 The Gallery of Maps Dalinar Jezrien Chanarach
25 The Butcher Kaladin Flashback Battar Nale
26 Stillness Dalinar Jezrien Talenel
27 Chasm Duty Kaladin Vedel Talenel
28 Decision Dalinar Pailiah Jezrien
I-4 Rysn Almighty Battar Battar
I-5 Axies the Collector Almighty Pailiah Pailiah
I-6 A Work of Art Szeth Nale Nale
29 Errorgance Shadesmar Shalash Pailiah
30 Darkness Unseen Kaladin Vedel Talenel
31 Beneath the Skin Kaladin Flashback Chanarach Vedel
32 Side Carry Kaladin Nale Talenel
33 Cymatics Shadesmar Ishar Pailiah
34 Stormwall Kaladin Jezrien Nale
35 A Light by Which to See Kaladin Jezrien Jezrien
36 The Lesson Shadesmar Vedel Pailiah
37 Sides Kaladin Flashback Pailiah Vedel
38 Envisager Kaladin Jezrien Vedel
39 Burned Into Her Shadesmar Nale Shalash
40 Eyes of Red and Blue Kaladin Kalak Talenel
41 Of Alds and Milp Kaladin Flashback Nale Vedel
42 Beggars and Barmaids Shadesmar Pailiah Ishar Pailiah Ishar
43 The Wretch Kaladin Talenel Talenel
44 The Weeping Kaladin Flashback Talenel Vedel
45 Shadesmar Shadesmar Shalash Pailiah
46 Child of Tanavast Kaladin Chanarach Jezrien
47 Stormblessings Kaladin Flashback Nale Talenel
48 Strawberry Shadesmar Ishar Ishar
49 To Care Kaladin Kalak Talenel
50 Backbreaker Powder Shadesmar Vedel Vedel
51 Sas Nahn Kaladin Flashback Nale Nale
I-7 Baxil Almighty Shalash Shalash
I-8 Geranid Almighty Pailiah Pailiah
I-9 Death Wears White Szeth Nale Jezrien
52 A Highway to the Sun Dalinar Talenel Jezrien
53 Dunny Kaladin Vedel Vedel
54 Gibletish Dalinar Nale Hoid
55 An Emerald Broam Kaladin Jezrien Talenel
56 That Storming Book Dalinar Chanarach Jezrien
57 Wandersail Kaladin Jezrien Hoid
58 The Journey Dalinar Battar Jezrien
59 An Honor Kaladin Jezrien Kalak
60 That Which We Cannot See Dalinar Pailiah Jezrien
61 Right For Wrong Dalinar Kalak Talenel
62 Three Glyphs Kaladin Vedel Talenel
63 Fear Kaladin Chanarach Kalak
64 A Man of Extremes Dalinar Battar Talenel
65 The Tower Dalinar Nale Chanarach
66 Codes Dalinar Nale Vedel
67 Words Kaladin Jezrien Jezrien
68 Eshonai Dalinar Battar Chanarach
69 Justice Dalinar Nale Shalash
70 Sea of Glass Shadesmar Battar Shalash
71 Recorded in Blood Szeth Nale Vedel
72 Veristitalian Shadesmar Pailiah Pailiah
73 Trust Kaladin Vedel Jezrien
74 Ghostblood Shadesmar Ishar Pailiah
75 In the Top Room Dalinar Jezrien Jezrien
Epilogue Of Most Worth Almighty Talenel Hoid


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