The Stormlight Archive/Keteks

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In each book of The Stormlight Archive, the titles of the five parts form a ketek which is revealed with context as the book's endnote.

The Way of KingsEdit

Above silence, the illuminating storms—dying storms—illuminate the silence above.

—A ketek by an illiterate dying Herdazian, collected by the Silent Gatherers[1]
Part Title
Part 1 Above Silence
Part 2 The Illuminating Storms
Part 3 Dying
Part 4 Storm's Illumination
Part 5 The Silence Above

Words of RadianceEdit

Alight, winds approach deadly approaching winds alight.

—A ketek by Navani Kholin describing the meeting of the Everstorm with a highstorm, collected by Nazh[2]


Part Title
Part 1 Alight
Part 2 Winds' Approach
Part 3 Deadly
Part 4 The Approach
Part 5 Winds Alight


United, new beginnings sing: "Defying truth, love. Truth defy!" Sing beginnings, new unity.

—A ketek written by Jasnah Kholin for Shallan Davar's wedding celebration, collected by Nazh[3][citation needed]


Part Title
Part 1 United
Part 2 New Beginnings Sing
Part 3 Defying Truth, Love Truth
Part 4 Defy! Sing Beginnings!
Part 5 New Unity

Rhythm of WarEdit

Burdens, Our Calling. Songs of Home, a knowledge: Knowing a Home of Songs, called our burden.

—Ketek written by El, Fused scholar of human art forms, to commemorate the restoration of the Sibling[4]
Part Title
Part 1 Burdens
Part 2 Our Calling
Part 3 Songs of Home
Part 4 A Knowledge
Part 5 Knowing a Home of Songs, Called Our Burden