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The Song of the Last Summer

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The Song of the Last Summer
Related to Recreance
World Roshar
Universe Cosmere
Featured In The Stormlight Archive

They lived high atop a place no man could reach, but all could visit. The tower city itself, crafted by the hands of no man.

—An excerpt from the Song of the Last Summer, referencing Urithiru[1]

The Song of the Last Summer is a fanciful tale of romance from the third century after the Recreance.[1] It references Urithiru, and despite it being a romance, Jasnah Kholin thinks it is accurate here.[1] In the text, it says Urithiru was a place "no man could reach", indicating its remoteness and height, but that "all could visit" the place, referencing the Oathgates.

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As the The Song of the Last Summer says that Urithiru was crafted by the hands of no man, this may suggest that the Knights Radiant did not construct Urithiru, but perhaps the Shards, maybe Honor, built it. Another interpretation is that if Urithiru is not built by humans, other races on Roshar built it.


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