The Photographer

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The Photographer
Homeworld Earth (Snapshot)

The Photographer is a young, black haired man of about twenty-two years old, of Asian appearance. The Photographer believes he is living in a Snapshot, and looks for Deviations.[1][2][3] The Photographer tries to expel these Deviations, which are all just people with some sort of flaw in their biology in his opinion. For people with asthma, he killed them via asphyxiation. He killed farsighted people by poisoning them and a group of naturally paralyzed people he drowned in a pool.[4][5]

The Photographer was pleased to see the Reality badge and be proved right about his Snapshot theory. He sees this as proof that all the murders he had committed had been right, however claims that he is allowing the Snapshot to do it as he kills by targeting people's vulnerabilities instead of shooting them. The Photographer dupe is killed when Chaz shoots him.[3] The real Photographer was caught by real life police with the information Davis provided while trying to contaminate food supplies at a school.[6]


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