The Dust Brigade

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The Dust Brigade
Setting Threnody

The Dust Brigade[1] is the tentative title for a novel set on Threnody.

Plot Summary[edit]

An expedition tries to go back to the Homeland and free it from the Evil but things don't go well for them - the book starts with their ships sinking and the people washing up on shore.[1]

The Deepest Ones will be "involved a great deal."[2]


The story will be about brand new characters, and will most likely not include Silence Montane - except possibly as a minor cameo.[3]


The story takes place on Threnody, likely on the Homeland. It will be the closest Brandon has ever gotten to grimdark.[4]


The Dust Brigade has been a part of Brandon's original plan for the Cosmere saga for many years, since before he was a published author. The original idea for the story involved a group of refugees arriving in the Forests of Hell after having fled the Homeland, now destroyed by the Evil.[5] Recent years have seen Brandon grow more confident in his idea to flip the story on its head and instead focus on people attempting to take back the Homeland.[6]


One of the reasons Brandon wants to write this book is because there is "a group" that will be important later in the Cosmere saga, and he needs to write a book about them, so people know who they are.[7]


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