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Died Rathalas 1141[1]
Abilities Swordfighting
Titles Captain of Dalinar's elites
Profession Soldier
Groups Dalinar's elites, Kholin army
Nationality Alethi
Homeworld Roshar
Universe Cosmere

Thakka was the captain of Dalinar Kholin's elite soldiers on Roshar during the Era of Solitude.[2] He participated in many of the early battles of the Alethi Unification War[2] before being killed in an assassination attempt against Dalinar at the Rift.[1]

Appearance and Personality[edit]

Nothing is known of Thakka's appearance.

Thakka himself is very loyal to Dalinar, willing to throw himself in front of his brightlord to save his life.[2] He is unsympathetic matters of war though, expressing no distaste for looting or gathering up the families of soldiers and dissenters to ensure loyalty. He also has an appreciation for skilled warriors, such as Teleb's talent with the bow.


Alethi Unification War[edit]

At some point in his life, Thakka joined the Kholin army where he proved himself an accomplished warrior, rising to became the captain of Dalinar's elites.[2] He accompanied Dalinar during the Alethi Unification War. Thakka and the elites accompanied Dalinar as he raided one the other highprince's capitals. After Dalinar and his elites broke the enemy resistance and killed Highlord Yezriar, Thakka was ordered by Dalinar to prevent the soldiers from looting and instead raid the buildings and round up the families of the soldiers to encourage them to lay down arms. In that moment, Dalinar was shot by Teleb in an assassination attempt. Thakka attempted to shield Dalinar with his body, but he was shoved aside by Dalinar, who wanted to see who had managed to shoot him. He rode with Dalinar up to the nearby ridge Teleb had been shooting from. Thakka spoke to Teleb with Dalinar, expressing surprise that he had fired from almost four hundred yards. When Dalinar ordered Teleb to reproduce his shot, Thakka drew his sword, prepared to kill Teleb if the man attempted to hurt Dalinar again. Thakka told Teleb that Dalinar had killed Yezriar, and after Teleb agreed to join Dalinar's elites Thakka found Teleb's family so that they could be certain that Teleb would remain loyal.

Conquest of the Rift and Death[edit]

When the Kholin armies faced those of Highprince Tanalan at Rathalas, Thakka was present for the battle.[1] After Dalinar and the other Shardbearers broke through the city walls, Thakka and several of Dalinar's other elites accompanied Dalinar to a viewing platform that looked down upon the Rift. Unbeknownst to the them, the platform had been rigged by the Rifters to collapse. When they triggered the trap, Thakka fell into the Rift along with Dalinar and several other elites and was killed.


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