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We will need to find how much he knows. You will bring these pages to Master Thaidakar. We are close, but so--it appears--are Restares's cronies.

Mraize upon receiving information about Amaram and the Sons of Honor's plans[1]

Thaidakar is a leader of the Ghostbloods on Roshar,[2] sometimes referred to as Master Thaidakar by Ghostbloods.[1] Thaidakar, along with the Ghostbloods, is often mentioned opposing the Sons of Honor.

As Gavilar Kholin--a prominent Son of Honor--lay dying, he told Szeth to "tell Thaidakar he was too late."[3]

When Kaladin killed Helaran Davar in Meridas Amaram's army, Amaram--another Son of Honor--thought Thaidakar and the Ghostbloods were behind the attack, saying the Ghostbloods were growing more bold.[4]

Prior to the Battle of Narak, Shallan Davar brought Mraize pages that transcribed text from Amaram's room discussing the Voidbringers and the Shattered Plains. Then, Shallan overheard Mraize saying that they should bring these pages to Master Thaidakar, and that Restares' cronies--the Sons of Honor--were also growing close to the answers of the Shattered Plains.[1]

Ialai's notebook mentioned that, like "Mraize", it seemed to be a title rather than a name.[5]

Spoiler Warning[edit]

The following link contains major spoilers for Rhythm of War and other cosmere works. Please be very sure you have either read everything or are happy to be spoiled on some major points of the story.