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Profession Author
World Roshar
Universe Cosmere
Featured In The Stormlight Archive

Terxim was an author in ancient Roshar. He lived prior to the Recreance.[1]

He wrote an autobiography that was lost in a fire at the original Palanaeum, with the exception of a single page.[1] On the page there was a line that interested Jasnah Kholin during her research, as it referenced Urithiru. Terxim expressed some frustration about the Knights Radiant and their control of travel through the Oathgate hub in the tower city.[1]

Though I was due for dinner in Veden City that night, I insisted upon visiting Kholinar to speak with Tivbet. The tariffs through Urithiru were growing quite unreasonable. By then, the so-called Radiants had already begun to show their true nature.

— Quote from the single surviving page of Terxim's biography in the Palanaeum[1]


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