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House War - Terris Steward.png
by Abigail Platter
Capital Tathingdwen
World Scadrial
Universe Cosmere
Featured In Mistborn (series)
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Terris was a state of Scadrial populated by Feruchemists before the Ascension of the Lord Ruler.[1]


When Alendi came to Terris to stop the Deepness from consuming the world, they took him up into the mountainous regions to seek the Well of Ascension.[2] When they arrived, Rashek betrayed and killed Alendi and took the power of the Well for himself.[3] After realising that his Ascension had ruined the world, he set himself up as the protector of humanity, beginning the time of the Final Empire.[citation needed]

Realmatic theory was part of the ancient Terris religion.[4]

The Terris term for Preservation was "Terr" as it meant "to preserve" in their language.[5]

Final Empire[edit]

In the Final Empire, the remaining Terris people were selectively bred to reduce the Feruchemical abilities. A portion of the eunuch population was trained and employed as stewards. Stewards held an unusual place in the final empire, and were given the title 'Vaht'.[6]

After the Collapse[edit]

After the fall of the Lord Ruler, the Synod revealed themselves and started leading their people back into the ways before the Final Empire.[7]


After Ruin was released, he took control of the Steel Inquisitors and the Koloss. He sent some Inquisitors to the newly free Terris and slaughtered the Feruchemists.[8][9] The remaining people fled the mountains and headed towards the central dominance, away from the deadly mists.


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