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Profession Metallurgist
Homeworld Scadrial
Universe Cosmere

Lady Vin,

Here is the next alloy you requested. Aluminum is very difficult to acquire, but when a noble family recently left the city, I was able to buy some of their diningware.
I do not know if this one will work, but I believe it worth a try. I have mixed the aluminum with four percent copper, and found the outcome quite promising. I have read of this composition; it is called duralumin.

Your servant, Terion

—Terion's note accompanying the first batch of duralumin to Vin[1]

Terion is a master Allomantic metallurgist in Luthadel.[1] He supplies Vin with experimental Allomantic metals, helping her discover the alloys whose knowledge was previously suppressed by the Steel Ministry.


Little is known of Terion's early life, but it is known that he spent most of his life crafting alloys and powdered metals for the use of Allomancers, although he himself had no Allomantic abilities.[1] He eventually became an acknowledged master of the trade. After the Collapse of the Final Empire, Vin secured his help in experiments to determine aluminum's Allomantically viable alloy. Terion was tasked with procuring sources of the then-rare aluminum and providing potentially alloys. Terion initially drew up a list of forty potential aluminum alloys.

Once Terion began working, he sent Vin four potential alloys that all turned out to be ineffective, leaving Vin ill when burned.[1] Shortly after Straff Venture's army arrived to besiege Luthadel, Terion acquired some more aluminum by purchasing the diningware of a fleeing noble family. With that aluminum he crafted some duralumin by mixing aluminum with four percent copper. Afterwards he sent a small supply of powdered duralumin along with a metal bar and a note to Vin's rooms in Keep Venture. As this resulting alloy turned out to be Allomantically viable and no further tests were needed, it is unknown if Vin retained the services of Terion afterwards or not.


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