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Nation Teod
World Sel
Universe Cosmere
Featured In Elantris

Teoras is the capital city of Teod on Sel. It is surrounded by forest and hosted a large sea-port.[1]

Teoras was best known for housing the largest Korathi temple in Teod.[2] However, when Sarene entered Elantris with Raoden (under the guise of Spirit), she gasped at the Korathi chapel there and its beauty, saying its wall reliefs were more intricate than even Teoras's temple[3], which implies that perhaps Teoras's temple was only matched by the Elantrian Korathi temples. So, during the time after the Reod and before the restoration of Elantris, Teoras's temple would have been the largest Korathi temple in the world.

Spirit laughed again, leading her into a large, stately building. Sarene gasped in wonder at its beauty. It was lined with delicate, spiraled arches, and the floor was crafted of pale white marble. The wall reliefs were even more intricate than those on the Korathi temple in Teoras.

—Sarene on entering the Elantrian chapel.[3]

When Sarene was eleven a troop of players passed through Teoras and Sarene declared she wished to be an actress rather than a princess.[4]

Under Dilaf, the Dakhor attacked Teoras in the Battle of Teoras.[5]


  • In the original edition of Elantris, the capital of Teod was called Teoin, with Teoras being a city to its east. This was changed in the anniversary edition with references to Teoin all changed to Teoras.


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