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Died killed in the Kerztian massacre[1]
Abilities Sand master
Titles Mastrell
Groups Diem
Residence Kezare
Ethnicity Daysider
World Taldain
Universe Cosmere
Featured In White Sand

Senior Mastrell Tendel is a sand master on the Dayside of Taldain. He is apparently in charge of coordinating the entrance exams for prospective sand masters looking to join the Diem.

Tendel, along with Lord Mastrell Praxton, is present for the entrance exam of Kenton, Traiben, and Drile. He is impressed by Drile's power, remarking that it has been years since he has seen a child so powerful. Upon finding out that Drile is Reenst Rile's son, he remarks that Drile is a "profitable catch in more way than one." [2] When Kenton is barely able to manifest sand powers, he sympathetically apologizes to Praxton, who brushes off the comment. He, along with most of the Diem was killed by Kerztian warrior-priests when they attacked a weakened Diem.[3]


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  3. it is said that Kenton was the only surviving mastrell, which would mean that Tendel was killed
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