Tenasi Agreement

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Tenasi Agreement
Universe Cytoverse
Featured In Defending Elysium

The Tenasi Agreement is an agreement between tenasi and humans from the year 2071. After the Phone Company accidentally used cytonic technology to contact the tenasi, the United Governments accidentally shot down the resulting tenasi diplomatic ship. Humanity was thrown into chaos and uncertainty. In exchange for peaceful negotiations with the tenasi, the Phone Company received extralegal status and sole control of human cytonic communications technology.[1]

The document of the Tenasi Agreement is available to be read by United Intelligence Bureau operatives, and perhaps by regular citizens. There are many holovids, commentaries, and newscasts from or talking about this time in human history.

Coln Abrams believed there was some hidden truth behind the Tenasi Agreement that the public did not know about. In some sense he was right, as few people knew that the ship shot down by humanity was one of the most advanced in the galaxy, and alien technology was inferior to that of humans.


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