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This template is used to refer to URLs. This allows us to track where raw URLs are used, so we can keep them up to date easily.

To use, include {{url ref|url=https://...|text=|site=}}

  • {{{url}}} and {{{text}}} are the link and link-text
  • {{{site}}} indicates which website the page is on
  • {{{date}}} is the publication date (yyyy-mm-dd)
  • {{{pre}}} is included before the link
  • {{{post}}} is included after the link
  • {{{name}}} replaces the generated name
  • {{{group}}} sets the reference group

For example, {{url ref|url=http://inkthinker.deviantart.com/art/The-Way-of-Kings-Skyeels-180124400|text=Skyeel Illustration Description|site=[[Inkthinker]]'s DeviantArt}}, which produces the following in the references list:[1]

Because this reference template often requires a large amount of text, it's better to replace <references /> with



and then place all url references between the <references> and </references> tags. When you do this, you should add |name=name to the url reference, where name is a unique identifier for the reference. Then, you will be able to cite this reference in the body of the article with {{ref|name=name}}. If you are citing the same url reference multiple times, you must use this method; otherwise it will result in a reference error because the template tries to create two references with the same name.

Technically, you could place the named url reference somewhere in the body of the article and then use {{ref}} to cite that reference elsewhere in the article. Most of the time, however, it's simpler and more elegant to just put the named url ref between the references tags and use {{ref}} everywhere in the article.

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