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This template can be used to find the correct non-human species for categorization purposes.

If the {{{plural}}} key is present, the species category name is returned (eg, Seons, Aimians, Listeners)

See also: {{species tag}}, {{toponym}}, {{demonym tag}}

Keyword Species Name Category Name
horse horse horses
Elantris & The Emperor's Soul
seon, seons seon seons
skaze skaze
Mistborn (series)
kandra kandra
koloss koloss
steel inquisitor, steel inquisitors Steel Inquisitor Steel Inquisitors
Sixth of the Dusk
aviar Aviar
Shadows for Silence in the Forests of Hell
shade shade shades
The Stormlight Archive
dysian aimian, dysian aimians, sleepless Sleepless
siah aimian, siah aimians Siah Aimian Siah Aimians
ashspren ashspren spren
axehound axehound
chicken, chickens chicken
cryptic, cryptics, liespren, truthspren Cryptic spren
cultivationspren cultivationspren spren
highspren highspren spren
inkspren inkspren spren
larkin larkin
lightspren, reacher lightspren spren
mistspren mistspren spren
parshendi, parshmen, parshman, parsh, listener, listeners, singer, singers singer singers
peakspren peakspren spren
ryshadium Ryshadium
spren spren
unmade Unmade
voidspren Voidspren
delver, delvers delver delvers
taynix taynix
varvax varvax
tenasi tenasi
dione dione
hallo hallo
hommar hommar
burl burl (species)
(use text=y for just burl)
figment figment
wrexian, wrexians wrexian wrexians
cormax drone, cormax drones cormax drone cormax drones
heklo heklo
cambric cambric
kitsen kitsen
Dark One (franchise)
drull drull

Articles using Template[edit]