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A quote template that places the quotes on the sides rather than in a blockquote. The first parameter is the text, the second parameter uses "right" or "left" to determine which side the quote should appear, and the third parameter determines its width, which should be written like "300px".

For example: {{sidequote|Hoid is a fish.|By Odium|side=right|size=300px}}

When inserting in an article, remember that the text below this template will float around it.

So Melishi retired to his tent, and resolved to destroy the Voidbringers upon the next day, but that night did present a different stratagem, related to the unique abilities of the Bondsmiths; and being hurried, he could make no specific account of his process; it was related to the very nature of the Herald and their divine duties, an attribute the Bondsmiths alone could address.

—Blah blah

Once an Allomancer has Snapped, they will feel a reserve of power in their stomach when they have ingested a metal they can burn. The metals are usually ingested by drinking specifically prepared metal vials, which contain metal flakes in an alcohol solution. It is completely instinctual for an Allomancer to activate and burn their metal and gain its ability; it does not require training to do it (however, there is much training in using their metals properly). It is so instinctual that in some circumstances, an Allomancer can even burn metals while unconscious. An Allomancer can also burn their metals at an accelerated rate, which is called "flaring" metals. Flaring grants more power, but the reserve of metals depletes much faster, too.