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This template outputs dates according to the Vorin format. {{Rosharan date|YYYY|MM|WW|DD}}

This template can take in the arguments year, month, week, and day. You need not use every argument in order for this template to work. If any more than the year parameter is provided the date will be converted into a Vorin textual form, and hovering will show in the {{Rosharan numeric date}} format YYYY.MM.WW.DD. If the missing-date parameter is filled instead of the month/week/day parts, it will show a red question-mark with a hover error message. Similarly if the year is missing the template will show an error question-mark unless the no-year parameter is passed. See {{date/no-args}} for a list of templates which require more detail to be added.

For reference, The Way of Kings is mostly set in 1173 and Oathbringer is set at the end of 1174.