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World Unknown

This template allows you to describe the many attributes of a character. The {{{world}}} and {{{books}}} parameters are required The other parameters are optional and can be described in groups:

{{{ethnicity}}} and/or {{{nation}}} can be used to identify the ethnicity of the character.
{{{birthplace}}} and/or {{{residence}}} link to places.
The {{{place}}} parameter allows you to extend the template with extra rows for more specific parameters like birthplace or residency.
{{{parents}}}, {{{siblings}}}, {{{spouse}}}, {{{children}}} and the more generic {{{relatives}}}, {{{ancestors}}} and {{{descendants}}}. The family options are grouped into a section, which can be renamed with {{{family}}}. If {{{hide-family}}} is present, the family section will be shown by default. (Uses {{character/family}} template).
For major dates in a characters life, {{{born}}} and {{{died}}} are available, and should use the {{date}} template.
{{{titles}}}, {{{abilities}}}, {{{skills}}}, {{{achievements}}}}, {{{{profession}}}, {{{aliases}}}, {{{religion}}} and {{{powers}}} are available to describe the character in more detail.

The advanced properties {{{ethnicity-raw}}}, {{{nation-raw}}}, stop the corresponding properties from automatically linking and categorizing.

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