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It has been suggested that this page be merged.
The information on this page is much better suited to be included on other pages.

This template should be included on pages which don't deserve separate articles, and notes to editors that information needs to be moved to other articles. It can be included by adding the text {{merge}} to the top of the article. This will add the green notice to the top of the article and automatically add the article to Category: Articles to be merged.


{{{1}}} - this is an optional parameter that allows you to suggest which page the information should be merged into. It accepts wiki links.


If we felt this template page was unnecessary and the information should be moved elsewhere, we could add this code: {{merge}}

If we had a page in mind for this page's information to move to, for example, if we thought it would be better suited on the page Brandon Sanderson, we could use the following code: {{merge|[[Brandon Sanderson]]}}

Articles using Template[edit]