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This template is to be used on articles discussing any distinct group of beings; including plants, animals, magical creatures, magical creations, etc.

To use this infobox, add {{lifeform}} to the top of the page and fill in some of the fields, removing those that are unneeded.


This infobox will add the article to Category: Lifeforms.


To indicate the setting within which the subject matter is discussed, the following parameters are accepted. At least one of these should be provided, and they should be provided in most-to-least specific order, as they are in the above list.
  • The world parameter should provide the name of the planet the lifeform is native to. This will generate a link to the planet passed.
  • If the setting is an alternative earth, the earth parameter should be used instead, and should provide the series name (such as |earth=Alcatraz which will create a link to Earth (Alcatraz) or |earth=Reckoners to link to Earth (Reckoners)).
  • If neither world or earth are sufficient, then a universe can be provided.
  • To indicate the specific area or region a lifeform is from, provide the native parameter to produce a Native To row
The infobox has the ability to show an image of the lifeform by providing the filename, eg |image=lifeform.jpg. This parameter should be on the first line after the opening {{lifeform as the image is placed at the top of the page. The filename will be passed to {{row/image+artist}} and will show the image and provide attribution to the artist.
Optional parameters
  • To specify what type of lifeform the article describes, such as ???, use the type parameter
  • To indicate the lifeforms special skill and properties use the abilities parameter
  • If the lifeform has specific uses in the setting they can be listed using the uses parameter
  • If the lifeform is always or can be sapient use |sapient=Yes or |sapient=Some respectively, which will add the article to category: sapient beings
Special parameters
  • To override the title shown in the infobox, the |title= parameter should be passed

Articles using Template