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-->|{{{text|{{b|{{{1}}}|}} {{#if:{{{part|}}}|- {{{part}}} epigraphs|chapter {{{2}}} epigraph|}}|}}}]]<!--
-->|{{{text|''{{b|{{{1}}}|}}'' {{#if:{{{part|}}}|- {{{part}}} epigraphs|chapter {{{2}}} epigraph|}}|}}}]]<!--

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This template is used to refer to epigraphs.

To use, include {{epigraph ref|book|chapter}}

  • {{{text}}} replaces the whole link text
  • {{{part}}} can be used to refer to other parts of the epigraphs page
  • {{{pre}}} is included before the link
  • {{{post}}} is included after the link
  • {{{name}}} replaces the generated reference name
  • {{{group}}} sets the reference group