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This template can be used to let other editors know that you are planning on doing significant work on this article. It should be placed at the bottom, on the same line as but after the status template ({{stub}}, {{partial}}, {{complete}}).

To claim an article copy {{edit note|date={{subst:#time:Y-m-d}}|claim={{#subst:REVISIONUSER}} }} to after the status template, which will be replaced by something like {{edit note|date=2021-10-25|claim=fbstj}} when the article is saved. This will add a warning to the edit page for all other users, indicating that they should ask or coordinate with you if they wish to also


code: {{stub}}{{edit note|date=2021-10-25|claim=Fbstj}}
This article is a stub. Please help The Coppermind by expanding it.
This page has been claimed by User: Fbstj since ,
please coordinate with them before embarking on significant changes

Articles using Template[edit]