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This template includes the "top" of the table for any template documents. Calls to this table should be followed by rows which document each of the templates parameters and finally the table should be "closed" by inserting |} after the final row.

Template Parameter Documentation Table
Parameter Description Examples
title the text to put into the document table caption this page, for example: |title=Template Parameter Documentation Table
A full example:
{{docs|title=demonstration template}}

<!-- test parameter -->
| <code>test</code>
| a testing parameter
| <code>|test=testing things</code>

<!-- image parameter -->
{{docs/image|eg=File: Test Image.svg}}

demonstration template
Parameter Description Examples
test a testing parameter |test=testing things
image Use this to display a relevant image hosted on the Coppermind.

See Help:Infoboxes for further details.

File: Test Image.svg

Common Parameter Rows[edit]

Row Formatting[edit]

Templates with Documentation[edit]