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This template can be used to find the correct demonym for categorization purposes.

If |plural=y is passed, the plural demonym is returned (eg, Nobles, Terris, Purelakers)

See also: {{toponym}}, {{demonym tag}}

Keyword Demonym Plural form
Alcatraz Versus the Evil Librarians
crystallia, crystin Crystin
incarna, incarnan, incarnans Incarnan Incarnans
melerand, melerandian, melerandians Melerandian Melerandians
mokia, mokian, mokians Mokian Mokians
nalhalla, nalhallan, nalhallans Nalhallan Nalhallans
Defending Elysium
varvax Varvax
Elantris & The Emperor's Soul
sel, selish Selish
aonic Aonic
arelon, areloni, arelish, arelene Arelene
duladel, dula, dulas Dula Dulas
dzhamar, dzhamarian, dzhamarians Dzhamarian Dzhamarians
fjorden, fjordell Fjordell
rose empire, grand, grands Grand Grands
hrovell Hrovell
jindo, jindoeese JinDo
maipon MaiPon
seon, seons Seon Seons
mulla'dil, striker, strikers Striker Strikers
svorden, svordish Svordish
teod, teoish, teo Teo
Mistborn (series)
scadrial, scadrian, scadrians Scadrian Scadrians
kandra kandra
khlennium, khlenni Khlenni
koloss koloss
malwish Malwish
noble, nobles Noble Nobles
skaa skaa
southern scadrial, southern scadrian, southern scadrians Southern Scadrian Southern Scadrians
inquisitor, inquisitors, steel inquisitor, steel inquisitors Steel Inquisitor Steel Inquisitors
terris, terrismen, terrisman, terriswoman, terriswomen Terris Terris
The Rithmatist
aztek empire, aztek Aztek
Shadows for Silence in the Forests of Hell
threnody, threnodite Threnodite
Sixth of the Dusk
eelakin Eelakin
The Stormlight Archive
roshar, rosharan, rosharans Rosharan Rosharans
aimia, aimian, aimians Aimian Aimians
dysian aimia, dysian aimian, dysian aimians Dysian Aimian Dysian Aimians
siah aimia, siah aimian, siah aimians Siah Aimian Siah Aimians
alethkar, alethi Alethi
azir, azish Azish
emul, emuli Emuli
herdaz, herdazian, herdazians Herdazian Herdazians
iri, iriali Iriali
kharbranth, kharbranthian, kharbranthians Kharbranthian Kharbranthains
liafor, liaforan Liaforan
makabak, makabaki Makabaki
marabethia, marabethian Marabethian
natan, natanatan Natan
parshendi, parshmen, parshman, listener, listeners Listener Listeners
purelake, purelaker, purelakers Purelaker Purelakers
reshi, reshi isles Reshi
ryshadium Ryshadium
selay Selay
shinovar, shin Shin
tashikk, tashikki Tashikki
thaylenah, thaylen Thaylen
tukar, tukari Tukari
horneater, horneaters,
unkalaki, horneater peaks
uvara Uvara
jah keved, veden, vedenar Veden
siln, silnasen Siln
spren Spren
nalthis, nalthian, nalthians Nalthian Nalthians
idris, idrian, idrians Idrian Idrians
hallandren Hallandren
pahn kahl Pahn Kahl
White Sand
taldain, taldaini Taldaini
darkside, darksider, darksiders Darksider Darksiders
dayside, daysider, daysiders Daysider Daysiders
dynasty, dynastic Dynastic
iiaria, iiarian, iiarians Iiarian Iiarians
elis, elisian, elisians Elisian Elisians
kerzta, kerztian, kerztians Kerztian Kerztians
lossand, lossandin, lossandins Lossandin Lossandins
yolen, yolish Yolish
yeong-gwang, yeongian Yeongian

Articles using Template[edit]