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To normalize how art usage permission and license information appear in the {{artist}} infobox template, we make use of this helper template. It defines a few specific license names (listed below), and translates each one of them into predefined text.

  • all: Use this when the Coppermind has full permission to use all of the artist's work (related to Brandon Sanderson), past and future alike.
  • some: Use this when the Coppermind has permission to only specific artworks or when new uploads require explicit permission by the artist.
  • tentative: Use this when when the artist could not be contacted or has given us permission to use their works but hasn't officially filled the Google Form. Sometimes, despite our best efforts, we can't get in touch with a given artist. In this case, we do our best to credit and inform the artists that their art is on the wiki, but we need to be ready to take it down if they reach out to us.
  • none: Use this when the Coppermind does not have permission to use any of the artist's works.
  • official: Use this when the Coppermind can only use this artist's official work, i.e. cover art, interior illustrations or official prints and posters.
  • DATE: If the value is none of these, the template assumes it has been handed a cutoff date, with artworks before it being allowed on the Coppermind, and ones after it requiring an explicit permission. The date is converted into the MMM DD, YYY (e.g. Dec 31, 2020) format.